To hear recent statistics tell it, up to 10 percent of adults and teens today may suffer from the foot and heel pain characteristic of plantar fasciitis. But just because plantar fasciitis is a relatively common health issue for both athletes and people from every walk of life doesn't mean that most people know what causes it, how to identify it or what to do to guard against it.


Whether you are a recreational athlete, a professional athlete or aspiring to become a professional athlete, it is vital to learn all you can about plantar fasciitis, what causes it, major symptoms and diagnostic procedures, how to prevent it and treatment options if you are affected.

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Whether for your job, your family, your exercise regime, or your hobbies, your active lifestyle doesn’t stop. When working hard and playing hard, nobody orders up a side dish of shooting pain with every step. You don’t want to slow down or be kept from achieving everything you set out to do, so you need solutions that work with you on the go to prevent and manage painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis. 

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